Harjit Sajjan you are tough like a warrior

Nothing can make you feel proud, but knowing that he’s the first Sikh minister of national defense in Canadian army ...
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Can’t miss the beat, when Navraj Singh is here to create a Heat

A rapper, singer, songwriter, and a producer, isn’t he’s a complete package? Making his own identity at a early age ...
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Community that always extend their hands for help

Our community is always known for humanity and kindness, let’s keep that spirit alive and spread our helps to those ...
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Blood Donation campaign by Sikh Nation

It’s our pride to announce that every year Sikh nation members are regular donor of blood. Join the campaign and ...
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WSOC: It’s time to show some Strength and Leadership

From the Decades we are known for our kindness and humanity, let’s not fade away that. We are here to ...
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